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The village life is full of simplicity. The calm & greenery of the atmosphere makes the village life pleasurable. The village consists of Kacha houses made of mud, clay & hay as well as green fields.

The atmosphere of the village is by the green which provides fresh air to the people living there. The people in the villages lead a very simple life free from the hustle, bustle of the city life. The villages offer very limited opportunities of work. Farming & agriculture are the most important aspects of the village. Making clay pottery, is also a important source of income of the village people. The village people live in kacha houses & spend their life farming. Growing fruits, vegetables, seeds, pulses etc are a very major part of job of the farmers. The freshness of the villages & the lusciousness of the green fields have a major importance to the village life.

Village people eat fresh vegetables, fruits & breathe fresh air. The cost of living is very low in the villages which makes the villagers easy to survive. People in the village are find of the natural beauty & not the materialistic beauty. Playing in the fields, plucking fruits from trees etc provide happiness to the kids of the villages. The people of the village are very friendly & helpful. They are always ready to help others. The charm of the village life is unbelievable.

But the village life also has many disadvantage the village have poor transportation. The roads are mostly kacha roads which makes the transportation difficult. Heavy rainfall also leads to flood breaking the connectivity between the people. The village also has poor electricity connection. There are even some villages which have no electricity at all. People still live their lives in darkness. Villages even lack proper sanitary & urinary washroom. Poor villagers still go to open fields which is harmful & even lead to various diseases.

The medical facilities of the villages are also very poor. Proper hospitals & government hospitals are very less in the village making the life of the people difficult. Many people even loose their lives due to poor medication system. The villages also lack job opportunities for the young generation. Farming & agriculture are the only important aspects of occupation in villages. Many young people move to cities for the further study & occupation. As the income of the village people is very limited they lead a very restricted & simple life. However in spite of the disadvantages, the village life always provides peace to the people.

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