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“Bharat Is My Home” has been taken from the speech which was delivered by Dr. Zakir Husain after taking the Oath as President. First of all, he expresses his happiness and gratefulness to the people who made him the President of India. He takes the oath to serve the culture of India. He says that Dr. Radha Krishnan was a man of knowledge and he had much experience and sense of humanity. He takes Oath of loyalty to the constitution of India. He says that past is still alive. He says that education is a prime instrument for making the nation great.

He says that Bharat is his home and its citizens (people) are his family. He wants to make his home better, stronger and more beautiful for all the people. He requests all to work hard and contribute in development. According to him, there are two types of work- Individual work and social work that are related to each-other. He favours Gandhiji’s views on moral and work He always wants the welfare of the country and the country men. He would like to work continuously, give a satisfactory result.

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