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3.2.) Answer the following questions very briefly :

Question 1.

How many blocks away was the post-office from Mr. Johnson’s house?

Mrs Johnson’s house was two blocks away from the post office.

Question 2.

What form of electricity did the narrator use?

He used TV as a form of electricity

Question 3.

Why did Mr. Johnson think that the narrator did not follow the principles of walking?

Mrs Johnson thought so since the narrator jumped over grass and a tree and eventually it died, thus she came to this conclusion.

Question 4

Did the narrator enjoy talking about ecology?


The narrator enjoyed talking about ecology, but nobody was ready to follow it.

C.) 1.) Long Answer Questions :

1.) Nobody’s willing to do anything about ecology”. Do you agree with the statement

I do agree to this statement. Even though people are gaining consciousness about the effects of ecological imbalance they are still reluctant to join forces to help create a more sustainable environment. The major reason for this has to be the fact that people do not want to compromise on their daily activities such as usage of polyethene bags. Hence even though there is awareness people are still not eager to help.

2.) But anyhow, on Saturday when I collect, I put in good work on ecology.” This is the narrator’s way of preserving ecology. How are you contributing to ecological preservation in your surroundings?

I’m very conscious about keeping my environment clean hence. I and my family have made a conscious decision to use only paper bags instead of polythene bags. We dispose of our ways into two different bins, that is the non biodegradable and degradable bin. I also try to make my neighbours aware about these practices so that there is local consciousness among people. I also plan to start a future campaign about making people in my neighbourhood aware about the benefits of such practices that are environmentally friendly. I have planted a few trees in my neighbourhood.

3.) “I get tired of trying to get Ms. Greene to do something about ecology”. Explain in detail the meeting between Jim and Ms. Greene and throw light on the outcome of the meeting.

The young boy is on a mission to let people know and make them aware about how to save their ecosystem. He visits Miss Green’s house to make her aware as well. She talks about throwing gum wrappers on her lawn and also directs the boy to dispose of it properly. She claims that he should get his dog untied who has been causing damage to her garden. Other than that he advises her to make use of the pile of newspapers that she has been saving because they can be recycled and used further. However, he’s tired of convincing her. This really reflects how people like Miss Green are not much bothered about saving the ecology.

4.) Sure it is hard to get people to work for ecology”. Do you agree with this statement? What is ecology? What measures have you and your school taken to preserve it?

Even though people are conscious and talk about saving the ecosystem I do not think  they necessarily do the same.since people are more concerned with their own business and only want to do the things that benefit them I think it is difficult to get people to work for ecology. Hence I agree with this statement. Ecology is a biological study that concerns the habitat and lifestyle as well as the relationship of living beings with the environment they live.I along with my friends have started a campaign to make people aware about the negative impacts of pollution on the ecosystem and how ultimately it can have devastating results.

5.) Women use too many electric things”. What prompts the narrator to say so? How does the use of modern appliances affect ecology?

Usually women are related to domestic and household chores.Since they handle a major portion of the kitchen It is their responsibility to dispose of waste materials. Often women use electric machines that assist them to complete their daily chores easily such as refrigerator grinders, mixers, washing machines etc . The narrator says so because he observes his own mother using such devices. Such appliances usually cause air pollution since they release harmful gases. An example would be smoke and dust coming from chimneys from homes as well as small factories that happen to pollute the environment especially air heavily.

6.) Do you think that Jim is a real ecology friendly boy ? Give your opinion.

Jim is a conscious citizen. and he knows the importance of saving the environment. He has in fact taken up the cause and his work is worth admiration. He tries to preach to people the importance of saving the environment. however it is sad that he does not get proper help from people and they often question his advice.but this does not stop him from carrying on with his mission. he collects dirty garbage bags and waste from places and carries them to the right place where they need to be disposed. he finds that it is difficult to get people to work for this course but. He is still determined to work for it.

7.) Does Jim understand why his advice is being questioned? Explain.

Jim is a clever boy and he understands that his advice is being questioned so he does not go on to explain to the people the importance of ecology if they do not respond properly. The reason why he does so is that people are usually reluctant about the fact that  They need to take steps to save the environment. The people do not pay much importance to this because they do not pay priority to this topic. It is just the usual nature of human beings to usually not take others advice. Does Jim understands why his advice is being questioned

Mrs Johnson accused Jim of destroying a tree. She believes that he was jumping over the tree every day, which has ruined the tree. The tree is dead by now.

8.) What happened to the tree referred to by Mr. Johnson?

The tree is dead by now.

9.) Is Jim aware of all of the aspects, and does he always practise ecology measures ? Give arguments in favour of your answer.

Even though Jim is aware about the aspects of keeping the earth ecologically balanced we see that the people he tries to make aware about point out how he does practise them himself. When he advises his mom to use less electrical appliances she points out how he himself watches TV for most of the time.Also Ms Greene complaining to him about his habits, also Mrs Johnson is really furious on him for jumping around on a tree as a result of which she thinks it is dead

10.) A hero or heroine does not always arrive on a galloping horse to save the day. Sometimes the hero or heroine merely demonstrates the potential for action, rather than a completed task. What potential does Jim have as the hero in this story?

Jim in this story is no hero or heroine and only conveys an important message over here. People agree to his message but they do not abide by it. If Jim’s advice was taken seriously then it could have resulted in a better world but however Jim’s potential remains unexplored as people question his advice.

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