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B. 1.2. Answer the following questions briefly
Rainbow English Book For Class 12 Solutions Question 1.
Where did Seibei live?
Seibei lived in a harbor town.

Bihar Board Rainbow English Book Class 12 Pdf Download

Question 2.
Which type of gourd did Seibai like?
Seibei liked round and symmetrical gourd.

Rainbow Part 2 English Book Class 12 In Hindi

Question 3.
Why did the conversation of his father and his friends make Seibei laugh inwardly?
The conversation of his father and his friend made Seibei laugh inwardly because his father commented on baking gourd that they had at the agricultural show last spring. The baking gourd had made quite a stir at the time, but when he (Seibei) had gone to see it he had found it rather a stupid¬looking object and had walked out of the show.

Class 12th English Book Bihar Board

Question 4.
Why did Seibei’s father shout at him?
Seibei’s father and his friend were taking about baken gourd, they had seen in the agricultural show held in the last spring, which according to him was most beautiful. But Seibei found it stupid-looking when he had gone in that show, as such he had walked out of it (the show). So he said that he didn’t think so much of it, because it was just an awkward thing. Seibei’s interruption made his father angry. So he shouted at him.

Rainbow Part 2 English Book Class 12 Bihar Board In Hindi

Question 5.
Why did Seibei wander about the town?
It was Seibei’s hobby to wander about the town almost daily looking for gourds. He was deeply interested in buying and collecting it from the market and arrange it on the walls of his house.

B. 2.1. Complete the following sentences of the basis of the story
(i) The old woman asked ………… for the gourd.
(ii) The teacher was particularly angry because…………
(iii) Seibei’s father worked at…………………
(iv) Seibei’s father fetched his hammer and……………
(v) The curio-dealer sold the confiscated gourd to………………
(i) ten sen, (ii) it happened to take place in an ethics class, (iii) carpenter’s shop, (iv) systematically smashed them to pieces, (v) curio-dealer.

B. 2.2. Answer the following questions Briefly
Bihar Board Solution Class 12th English

Question 1.
What made Seibei’s heart beat faster?
When Seibei was examining the gourds, suddenly he caught sight of one which was about five inches long. Something about it made Seibei’s heart beat faster.

Bihar Board Class 12th English Book Solution

Question 2.
Which is called effeminate pastime in the story?
The teacher came from another part of Japan and found it most offensive that children should indulge in such womanish pastimes as collecting gourds. As such it is called effeminate pastime in the story.

Rainbow Snapshot Book Class 12

Question 3.
How did Seibei’s father react to the teacher’s complaint?
Seibei’s father reacted to the teacher’s complaint when he knew. Seibei’s fault which was reported by Seibei’s teacher. He became angry at this matter. As soon as he heard., he grabbed his son by the collar and gave him a sound beating. He chided his son that he would never get anywhere in the world, the way he is carrying on.

Bihar Board English Book Class 12 Pdf Download

Question 4.
How much did the curio-dealer pay for the confiscated gourd?
The curio-dealer paid fifty yen for the confiscated gourd.

Bihar Board English Book Class 12

Question 5.
What did Seibei do after he was forced to give up collecting gourds?
The father of Seibei fetched his hammer and systematically smashed the gourds to pieces, one after the other. It brought a change in his hobby. Seibei is now engrossed in his pictures.

C. 1. Bihar Board Class 12 English Book Long Answer Questions

Rainbow Book Class 12 Questions And Answers

Question 1.
Who was Seibei? What was his hobby?
Seibei was a twelve years old talented Japanese boy studying in primary school. His hobby was to wander about the town looking for the gourds. Then in the evening he would sit crosslegged in the living-room working on his newly acquired fruit. When he had finished treating it, he poured it in a little sake, inserted a cock stopped which he had fashioned himself wrapped it in a towel then he, put this in a tin especially kept for the purpose and finally placed the whole thing in the charcoal foot warmer.

Bihar Board Class 12 English Solutions

Question 2.
Pick out instances from the story to show that Seibei was passionate about gourd collection.
Some instances from the story show that Seibei was passionate about gourd collection are as follow: Seibei was the student of a primary school. After class, instead of playing with the other children, he usually wandered about the town looking for gourds. Then in the evening, he would sit cross¬legged in the comer of the living room working on his newly acquired fruit. When he had finished treating it, he poured it in a little sake, put this in a tin especially kept for the purpose, and finally placed the whole thing in the charcoal footwarmer. Then he would go to bed. As soon as he woke the next morning, he would open the tin and examine the gourd. The skin would be thoroughly damp from the overnight treatment Seibei would gaze adoringly at his treasure before tying a string around the middle and hanging it in the sun to dry. Then he set out for school.

Question 3.
Explain the views of Seibei’s father about him and his hobby.
Seibei’s father wanted to see his son become a learned person. He always wanted to see him studied well. His father didn’t like his son’s work whatever Seibei’s was doing. Seibei’s father didn’t want to listen to any complain of his son. His desires were to give up unwanted work and unwanted things by his son. For this view, he always guided his son and at last forcely he made him give up his hobbies for collecting gourd.

Question 4.
Seibei’s teacher becomes angry with him? Was his anger justified?
Seibei’s passion for gourds was so strong that he took a gourd to school. It was a class of ethics. Seibei’s was expected to pay attention to what the teacher was telling them. But Seibei, instead, kept polishing the gourd under his seat. The teacher caught him. He was very angry. He believed the gourd collection was a girls’ hobby. He confiscated the gourd. To a great extent, Lie teacher’s reaction was justified. No teacher would telerate any of his students not paying attention to what he is teaching. The teacher, it appears, wa. zealous about his job. He even went to Seibei’s home to complain again tf him. But the teacher had no appreciation for Seibei’s art. He could have returned the gourd to him, ;and advised him never to bring it to class in future. That would have served the purpose better.

Question 5.
Seibei’s teacher neid his parents responsible for Seibei’s mistake. Do you agree with the teacher? Explain.
I agree with Seibei’s teacher. If children do not study and waste their time on worthless pursuits, it is parents’ duty to keep them away from such pursuits. But many parents have hardly any time to see what their child is doing. Though Seibei was a real artist, but all children are not like him. So parents should see that their children do not spend too much time on playing games, watching TV, on hobbies and chatting whith others.

Question 6.
Describe in your own words the attitude and reaction of the teacher to Seibei’s passion.
The attitude of the teacher to Seibei’s passion for collecting ground was most rude and anguish. He was highly shocked to see Seibei spoiling his future prospects by his wrong hobby. He also held his parents responsible for his such acts. It was unbearable for him to sea Seibei polishing his gourd under his desk in the class and was not taking interest in his study. The teacher went to Seibei’s house, Seibei’s father had gone to his duty. So the teacher directed his attack on Seibei’s mother. He further added that it had be_n the responsibility of the parents to see that such things do not happen. The agrieved teacher departed from immediately after expressing his annyance. Teacher’s attitude and reaction was quite justified. He felt his responsibility to be proticular relating to the future prospects of his students. It was but natural.

Question 7.
Why and how did his hobby? Describe in your own words.
Seibei had a strong passion for collection of gourds. He did not play games with other children. He spent all his time after school in preparing and polishing gourds. One day he bought a gourd that he liked most. He spent all his time in polishing it. He even took it to school, and kept polishing it there too. His teacher caught him and confiscated his gourd. He complained against Seibei to his mother. When Seibei’s father learned what had happened he too was angry. He smashed all the gourds Seibei had polished with great care. Now Seibei could not collect gourds. But he had his artistic urge in him. He diverted his talent to painting pictures.

Questions 8.
Do you have similar experiences? Describe in your own words.
Such types of instances are not difficult to find out. We can easily find such types of children indudged in unhealthy hobby. In my locality also there is such a boy, Ramesh who was not taking proper care ever his studies. He was spending most of his time either to got to cinema hall or to sit before his T.V. sets. Several time his school teacher saw him with few of his friends near Cinema Hall. One day he caught Ramesh (the boy) personally in one cinema, Losing his temper he scolded Ramesh. He also visited his house and accused his parents for such wrong habbit of the boy, Ramesh. It brought a great change in the boy and he stopped risiting cinema. Now Ramesh has been taking all care in his studies.

Questions 9.
Sketch the character of Seibei as an artist.
Collecting gourds was a craze with Seibei. He was always looking for a gourd of his liking. Once he got a gourd he liked, he would spend most of his time in making it a perfect piece of art. In the evening, after school, he would sit cross-legged in a comer of the living room working on his newly- acquired gourd. He would take out its seeds, and our a little sake into it. He would put a cork-stopper to close it. He wrapped it in a towel and put it in a tin. Then he placed the whole thing in the charcoal footwarmer.

Early in the morning he examined the gourd. Then he put it in the sun to ie it dry. Then he polished it carefully with sake. It would take him many days to polish it smooth and shining. But when his father had broken all his gourds, Seibei could not restrain his talent. He diverted it to painting pictures. He had no ill-will against anybody. He did not collect gourds hoping to make money. He was pure artist at heart and wanted to give expression* to his urge.

C. 3. Compositon

Questions 1.
Write a letter to your friend describing your favorite pastime.

New Delhi
25 September 2009

Hope you are in your best mood. I have come to know about you likes and dislikes. Like you even I am very fond of watching cricket. The game itself is very interesting. It is so enjoyable that I tend to forget my daily works. I often get scolding from my parents for watching cricket. My favorite crickete&is Sachin Tendulkar. His batting is extraordinary. He is one of the best players we have today. Besides watching cricket. I also like listening to music. I particularly like the gazals of Mehndi Hassan and Jagjit Singh. It really refreshes my mind and has a soothing effect. The rest is fine.

Yours loving.

Questions 2.
Write a short essay in about 150 words on the ‘Role of teachers the life of the student’
Teachers play a great role in the life of the students. Teachers are responsible for the overall development of students. A good teacher knows the strength and weaknesses of his students. It enhances the strength and helps in overcoming the weakness of his students A teacher should never beat or scare his students to learn. Corporal punishment again should be avoided. Students should keep in mind that teachers are not to be hated. They are there for. them to learn and achieve something in life.

A teacher who commands respect among the students is not the one who is friends with them but who teaches them sincerely. A good teacher is one who never stops studying reading in life. They are forever learning new things to deliver it to their students. The students are therefore benefitted by such teachers. A teacher with a firm mind and good health will always be motivated to do good work. They are fully concentrated on their goal to achieve. Therefore act as a pillar to those students who target their goal to achieve. Therefore we can say that teacher is responsible for the overall growth and development of his students. We salute all the great teachers of India.

D. Word Study
D. 1. Dictionary Use

Cx. 1. Correct the spelling of the following words :
embaras, glimpes, enterupt, symetrical, emidiatly, persinoms, favrite, intrest, confesner.
embarr—embarass, glimpes—glimpses, enterupt—interrupt, symetrical—symmetrical, emidatly—immediately, persinoms—persimmons, favrite—favourite, intrest—interest, confesner—confectioners.

D. 2. Word-formation
Read the following sentence carefully:
In an agony of embarrasment Seibei’s mother muttered some apology. Mark how embarrasment, a noun, is formed by adding ‘-ment’ to ’embarass’, a verb.
Make nouns from the verbs given below by adding ‘-ment’ to them: amend, amuse, bewilder, improvel, invest, judge, rabble, punish, astonish, govern.
amendment, amusement, bewilderment, improvement, investment, judgement, rabblement, punishment, astonishment, government.

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