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B.) 2.) 2.) Answer the following questions very briefly

1.) Why has the whole international community applauded Mr. Chairman?

The selection of Mr. Chairman’s committee has received praise from the entire international community.

2.) What is more precious than diamond, or silver or gold ?

Universal brotherhood and peace are seemingly more precious than all of these.

3.) Who is the Chairman of the committee?

The chairman is in charge of the international Nobel Prize selection panel.


C.) 1.) Long Answer Questions

Question 1.) “And no one must underestimate that plight” Which plight Aris refers to? Explain.

Aris has grown extremely irate after witnessing his countrymen’s deplorable circumstances and their pathetic way of life. The inhumane Burmese government is torturing them. In doing so, he draws attention to the plight of those who reside in rural areas and urban areas but live in poverty and without a place of their own to call home. He also expresses sorrow for those who have been brutally beaten while incarcerated. He also expresses his heartbreaking sorrow for the young people suffering from malaria in the jungles they have fled to. He finds it very upsetting to witness the Buddhist monks being humiliated and beaten. His mother is one of many senior and well-respected leaders who are behind bars.

Question 2.) Peace, freedom, and democracy are essential for a human being. Do you agree ? Give your own opinion.

The key components of a welfare state are freedom, democracy, and peace. In the absence of achieving these goals, no country can prosper.

I firmly believe that maintaining peace among the populace is absolutely necessary. Each individual must feel free from injustice and victimisation. A democratic system of government led by elected officials is ideal. All people should receive equal justice. We are still suffering from the cruelty and torture that was brought on imperialists.Under the capable leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi and numerous other well-respected leaders, the Burmese people were also battling for their freedom from the brutal and oppressive rule. I have no doubt that there will be equal justice for all people there if peace, freedom, and democracy are achieved.

Question 3.) The Nobel Peace Prize belongs not only to Aung San Suu Kyi but to all the men, women and children of Burma. Why does Aris say so?

Mother of Aris and Burmese revolutionary, Aung San Suu Kyi, has given up all of life’s comforts and pleasures to defend her people’s freedom and rights. Along with other senior and well-respected leaders like her, she is deeply hurt by the cruel suppression of the people. She believes that the struggle for a democratic Burma has not only been made possible by her efforts but also by the work of all the women and children who participated in the time period.Hence, he says that noble peace prize is not only dedicated to her sacrifice but also to the cause she has been fighting for.

Question 4.) “The beauty of ‘genuine brotherhood and peace being more precious than diamond or silver of gold.” Why does Aris claim so ? Do you agree with him?

Through these pricey materials, we cannot purchase the tranquillity and pleasure of our minds. Aris is correct when he says that genuine brotherhood and peace are more beautiful and valuable than diamond, silver, or gold. Actually, these lifeless objects cannot buy or exchange real brotherhood and peace.

I concur wholeheartedly with what he said. Because equal justice and a sense of humanity cannot be attained through diamond, silver, or gold, we cannot achieve the true beauty of peace and brotherhood through them. They only offer us the pleasures of this world, physically.

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