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Summary of A Pinch of Snuff 

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A Pinch of Snuff is a comic story written by Manohar Malgonkar. he was a great novelist of India. he has presented a comic story full of wit and adventure. NanuKaka is the main character and maternal uncle of narrator. the writer himself narrates the story here. Nanukaka comes to Delhi to see some ministers and the narrator who is an under-secretary has to take him to the north block on mothers insistence. but nanukaka experience was bitter there. Later, he goes to meet Sohanlal who is a party boss and successfully impresses him by his words and wits showing that he knows the ambassadors Barkat Ali very well. During talk with Sohanlal he came to know about welfare Minister. also he knew that Sohanlal wanted his son to get married with welfare Minister’s daughter but the Minister refuses. On the other hand,the Welfare Minister fixed his daughter’s marriage to the prince of Ninnore. Now, Nanukaka went to meet the Welfare minister in the the guise of hereditary astrologer of Maharaja of Ninnore and he mentions it on his visitor’s book. as soon as the Welfare Minister comes to know about this, he himself visits my home to meet nanukaka. Finally this is a fantastic creation of Manohar malgonkar where he has beautifully presented the characters. it really Leaves a a genuine fresh touch on readers mind.

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